If you have had Masonite siding installed in your home or business chances are good that you have heard of the Masonite Class Action lawsuit against Masonite Hardboard Siding.  The Masonite Siding Lawsuit was brought to the Circuit Court of Mobile Alabama in 1994 and settled on January 15, 1998.  People and businesses all over the country can benefit from the Masonite Siding Lawsuit settlement.

If you have proof of damage associated with Masonite Hardboard Siding then you are eligible to participate in the Masonite Siding Lawsuit.  You must submit your claim form for Masonite siding that is in current state of failure or a claim form for Masonite siding that has already been repaired for your unreimbursed expenses.  You must make sure that you have un-reputable proof that it was Masonite siding that failed such as bills, invoices and photographs.

If you have sold your home or already submitted a claim without the help of an attorney then you are still able to submit a claim.  As long as you have proof that you went through a process of failure due to Masonite Hardboard Siding you are eligible for a piece of the Masonite settlement under the Masonite Siding Lawsuit.  You are entitled to a refund of any amount of expenses that were not covered for your Masonite repair or any amount that was not previously returned to you when you submitted your previous claim without the help of a lawyer.

Before you begin your claim you may want to hire an Independent Inspector to access the damage done to your property.  You will need to have an inspector come out to your home at some time during the process of receiving your Masonite settlement so you want to make sure your claim will fit the guidelines of the Masonite Siding Lawsuit.  If you follow the guidelines set out in the Masonite Siding Lawsuit then you may get retribution for a failed Masonite product in your home. 

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