The Kentucky building code2006 International  Building Codethe International Code Council, Inc., changed in some places to suit the needs of the specific Kentucky code.  The Kentucky building code provides minimum standards to ensure public safety, health, and welfare as they are affected by building construction and to secure safety to life and property from all hazards incident to the occupancy of buildings, structures or premises.  The Kentucky building code is a statewide uniform building code and is mandatory for use by all local governments. 

One of the more interesting clauses in the Kentucky building code is the special religious group use where the religious group can appeal to the commonwealth of Kentucky if a clause or amendment of the Kentucky building code is in direct conflict with the groups religious beliefs.  If the group can attest that they are in deed requesting the waiver for religious means and not for economical, aesthetic, or convenience reasons and it does not impede upon the safety of occupants and surrounding residents, then a committee will consider the waiver. 

As with most state building codes, the Kentucky building code outlines mechanical, plumbing, fire, energy, and electrical codes to be strictly adhered to the state building code with regard to single and two-family dwellings as well as temporary buildings, commercial and church buildings.  The Kentucky building code also outlines the approval of work permits, stop work orders and appeals, unlawful or unsafe structural conditions and penalties for illegal contractors and unapproved structures and additions.  Use and occupancy requirements are detailed for establishments such as bed and breakfasts, local and state jails, day care centers, with special provisions for day cares with licensed after school programs.   Day care facilities are also to have locks on all doors with comprehensive emergency exit strategies, appliance safety, corridor length, interior finish and fire protective signaling systems.

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