If you are in the industry of construction, contracting, or home inspection you are sure to know the building code of the state you are working in. It’s common sense for workers in these field to know the Indiana building code in and out if they work in that state, but some folks who are looking to get into the field might not be so savvy. Learning the building code of a particular area can be the toughest part of a job working on homes. You may know a trade like roofing or have home inspection training, but if you don’t know the particulars of the law it’s easy to make a mistake. Some of the more tricky parts of the Indiana building code for example are keeping track of amendments and figuring out the particular of the laws.

It’s best to have a copy of the building codes to study over yourself if you plan on becoming a professional dealing with homes in Indiana. Even established workers usually keep a copy of the code on their bookshelf and use it as a reference when particularly tricky questions come up. Having the code around isn’t always enough to work with it effectively. It is best to study the Indiana building code extensively before taking on a job in the field so that you’re not back peddling when an issue comes up.

Always be sure to have the most recent building code handy. Oftentimes the building code changes over the years as amendments are added and wording is changed to reflect changes in the field and in safety regulations. What was once considered safe is not always safe by modern standards. Making sure a building fits the modern Indiana building code is an important part of the home inspection industry and if you don’t have a firm grasp of the most up to date code, you could be left behind.

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