If you have mold in your home then you need to get rid of it fast and efficiently before your family gets sick.  Black mold in the home can cause lung illness, skin illness and other infections.  There are very good remedies for how to get rid of mold that you can use over the course of an afternoon to keep your home clean.

If you find that there is mold in your home then you need to close off the area where the mold has grown.  It will be helpful to understand how the mold came about in order to understand how to get rid of mold.  It may be that there is mold in the basement from a flood or mold in the bedroom from a leaky roof.  If mold has grown from water damage then you need to make sure the room is dry.  You could use fans, water pumps or dehumidifiers to dry out the room. 

Before you get ready to clean you need to protect yourself and the other rooms.  You should wear a protective suit over your skin and a respirator or mask over your mouth when you are taking on the task of how to get rid of mold.  For the room you should put up plastic sheets duct taped over the openings to other rooms.  There should be an open door or window to the outside whenever possible for proper ventilation.  If you have taken on the task of how to get rid of mold then you should make sure the rest of the family has taken to spending the rest of the day out of the house.

When you begin to clean you should run an air purifier in the room to get rid of any airborne mold spores.  One trick to keep mold from flying around is to spray the mold with a light mist of water so that it does not break apart from itself so easily.  You should wipe away the mold with a disinfectant cleanser or some measure of distilled bleach. 

You should be able to salvage any item, but on some wood or cardboard products you may need to just replace them.  If you are unable to remove the mold by cleaning it then throw it away.  Disinfectant cleaners are great solutions for how to get rid of mold.  You want to make sure that the mold is completely gone so that it does not come back and make you sick.  

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