Nearly anything can begin to have mold growth over time under the right conditions.  This than leaves the question ‘how to remove mold?’ foremost in a person’s mind.  However when asking yourself how to remove mold it is important to consider what the mold has grown on, in order to take the correct path of action.  If you are asking how to remove mold on fabric, there are a list of solutions to try. 

The simplest answer to how to remove mold on a fabric is to simply brush off all visible mold and place the item in direct hot sunlight.  However this method is not sure fire, nor is it always possible.  Another solution to moldy fabrics is dry cleaning, and still another is presoaking then bleaching.  But it is fair to say many mold problems will not be on the fabric of garments. 

This, then makes us ask once again how to remove mold from a different surface, and the most common of these surfaces is shower and bathtub walls, along with tile ling and grout.  This solution is an easy one; 1 part bleach 10 parts water.  Simply mix the solution and scrub down the surface wearing rubber gloves.  Allow the area to dry completely and make sure you have removed all the mold.  

Finally, when asking how to remove mold it is important to remember surfaces that are not easily cleaned, but frequently develop mold growth.  These surfaces include upholstery, mattresses, and rugs and demand another solution to the question ‘how to remove mold’.  These surfaces should be cleaned using as little water as possible.  Remove as much mold as you can than shampoo lightly with any upholstery cleaner.  After you have done this spray with a fungicide spray and allow drying completely, in sunlight if possible.

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