There are many different kinds of household mold and these can infest your home very quickly sometimes, usually this is due to excess moisture such as flood damage. When excess moisture is inside your home it can cause mold spores to grow, which then lets mold out into the air you breathe, and this has been linked to many different health issues. Some of these health issues that might arise from household mold are things like respiratory problems, allergies, dry coughing, scratchy throat and watery eyes, and much more. Some individuals may even have stronger reactions to the household mold and it could make them very sick. There are actually certain types of mold that can cause permanent respiratory problems due to the toxic properties found within the mold spores, this is why it is very important to have a professional examine any mold that may develop.

The most common places for household mold to grow in are in areas where there is excess moisture, and the bathroom can be a great breeding ground for mold, especially in the shower in a bathroom where there is sometimes little ventilation. Also if your carpet or furniture were ever to get soaked the chances are pretty high that mold spores will develop before the carpet or furniture could dry and this is why many people will just throw them out and replace them. It may be expensive to replace them if your insurance does not cover it, but it may end costing a lot more in doctor bills if you or other members of your family become exposed to a dangerous household mold. Everyone is going to have a mold problem at some point unless you stay on top of getting rid of it immediately, and the places you want to keep an eye on are damp poorly ventilated areas like the crevices around your tub and possibly many other areas around your tub. Other places could be underneath your sinks or anywhere you may have a leak in the ceiling, and basements are another place where mold likes to grow.

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