Finding someone to conduct a homes inspect is not particularly difficult. However, finding a quality inspector will require some time and effort.
First, locate a home inspection company with excellent qualifications, such as Licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.).  If you want a P.E. to conduct a homes inspection on your home, ensure that your inspection report is stamped with the home inspector’s licensed P.E. seal. As engineering is state licensed and regulated, this seal is imperative for your protection. 

If you were to acquire a homes inspection from someone who is not a P.E., you could be charged an additional home inspection charge if the inspector locates a problem that requires a Licensed P.E.’s assessment. An example could be a structural flaw. To prevent additional charges, benefit initially from a company that provides Licensed P.E.s

When the homes inspection takes place at your residence, you will be bombarded with much information, and perhaps overwhelmed. You may hear technical terms such as plumbing vent stack, heat exchanger, steel flitch plate, and over fused circuit. These are actually everyday household objects. Thus, ensure that your home inspection report is not a checklist that you are provided with when the homes inspection is complete. A checklist may lack some information and engineering counsel that you require. Rather, the report should be detailed.

Next, be aware that home inspectors are each unique, with various levels of skills and experience. The home inspection firm that you choose ought to have professional associations. Examples of these groups include the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE). These groups vary from numerous home inspection trade societies. The variance is that NSPE and NABIE exclusively accept Licensed P.E. into their membership. In particular, NABIE members must pass challenging entrance requirements, be extremely qualified within the homes inspection vocation, and follow a stringent system of ethics.

Lastly, do not be deceived by home inspector “certifications.” Businesses or trade societies sometimes sell or offer these. They are also acquired through home inspection home-study, courses. Even a high school diploma is not required to be granted these certifications!

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