Real estate continues to be a very popular career choice and with interest rates as low as they have ever been, may people are jumping on board the monetary wagon to take advantage of the profitability of this market.  One of the careers in this field that has increased in demand exponentially is home inspection and now it is fairly commonplace for major cities to house a home inspector school within its’ own limits.  A home inspector school is tailored toward those with entrepreneurial spirit who have a passion for a career in which there is immediate potential for profitability and building a substantial clientele. 

Those who are interested in attending home inspector school should make sure the school that they plan on attending is nationally accredited so that if they ever decide to move to a different state, their certification and credit hours will be recognized and accepted.  Attendance in a home inspector school can occur in a physical classroom setting or online in the virtual classroom.  Because the student will be paying tuition, he or she will want to get the most for their hard earned money.  Choosing courses that are designed and taught by successful and knowledgeable inspectors or other professionals in a related field will improve the student’s understanding of the course materials and make the course more conducive to the student’s educational standards.

A quality home inspector school should teach all aspects of home inspections including mold detection, electrical, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and other components necessary to perform a broad spectrum of inspections for clients and to prepare the student for the national examination for certification and licensing.  Career assistance, financial aid availability, and student support are also necessary components of a quality home inspector school ensuring the success of the students beyond the classroom.

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