Have you ever wondered about the people who do the home inspections before someone purchases a home?  How do these people get to be qualified to judge if a home is or is not up to code?  Some of the people who do home inspections are licensed engineers.  Some people who do home inspections though are regular every day folks who have taken an interest in home quality.

To get your home inspector license you will have to take a series of classes to become qualified.  Once you have your home inspector license you will be required to take continuing education courses to stay on top of all the new home technology.  You can be a home inspector as well as continue to do whatever job you are currently employed with.

Having your home inspector license when you go into a home you are going to be looking for the quality of certain things in the home.  You will be looking at the heating system, roof, water system, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning.  People will then trust you, as one who has a home inspector license, to determine what state the home is in. 

If you do enjoy your work as a home inspector then you may want to become a licensed engineer so that you are qualified to offer suggestions for what should be done to improve the house.  You could also take your home inspector license and take it to the next level as a home appraiser. Home appraisers do not determine the state of the home, but rather determine the value of the home.

A home inspector license will give you a new outlet to a new career.  Begin slowly by doing home inspections on weekends. If you have made some great contacts with Real Estate companies then you may decide to become a full time home inspector.

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