Changing your life and starting a home inspector career can be a very fun and challenging change.   You are going to be able to help people live in the best home possible.  It will be up to you as a home inspector to decide if a home is up to code and if it is in good condition to be bought or sold.  When you are beginning a new home inspector career you want to make sure that you make all the important contacts necessary to get yourself going in the business and become successful.

The first step to starting a home inspector career after you have been certified is to get your name out there.  You are going to want to contact all of the Real Estate businesses in the area and let them know you are available for inspections.  You should have business cards and possibly even a web address.  If you are just beginning your home inspector career make sure you have a separate business phone number.  You do not want to make some very important Real Estate connections only to have your teenage son forget to tell you they called.

Once you have hit the Real Estate world you want to hit the common man.  Starting a home inspection career you will find that you are no one until people know to call you.  List your business in your local guides, including phone books and online.  Take out a picture on the side of the telephone listings, if you can afford to do so, advertising your services.  Visit open houses as well and drop your business cards with prospective buyers and sellers.  Folks may feel more at ease closing on a home if they can have you come in and do an impartial home inspection. 

All you need to do when starting a home inspector career is to make sure that all the right people know who you are, where you are and that you are ready to work.

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