If you’re a home inspector, how about joining the 21st century and use some home inspection software to help you do your inspection.  By using a small hand held computer or laptop you’ll be able to walk around using you’re your home inspection software while you perform your inspection. 

One of the nice things about using home inspection software is that it is usually printable from a portable printer you would have in your vehicle.  Instead of having a scratched up piece of notepaper like some other home inspectors might use, you’ll be able to give the client a beautiful printed sheet with easy to read findings from your inspection.  You’ll be able to stand out among the other home inspectors and really do a nice job.

Another nice thing about using home inspection software is that it would give you a great standardized template for your reports.  As you inspect the house you can check things off on your portable computer and you won’t miss anything.  Most home inspection software is also modifiable so you can add a line here or remove a line there from your final report to make it look really nice.

Some of the more advanced home inspection software can even show you examples of what a common problem with a house may look like so you can compare it with what you find.  A home inspection program might also suggest you to look in certain areas in particular for potential problems.  For example, you might enter in that the house you’re inspecting has wooden shingles and the software may suggest you check for insect or bat damage from animals that might be living in the side of the house.

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