Entering into a new field of study can cause so much anxiety in the life of a student, especially when embarking on a completely new and uncharted career path.  A career in home inspection is now more than ever a profitable and expansive choice in the ever-increasing real estate market.  But with so many schools now specializing in home inspection courses, how is anyone to know which home inspection courses are the most important?

Before diving right into brochures and pamphlets for home inspection courses, one suggestion is to find out what the requirements are for the state in which you plan on opening your business.  Some states may require minimal credit hours to accompany their examinations while others may be more specific in their expectations.  By finding out which home inspection courses will benefit you the most, you can reserve other less important courses for continuing education credits or to be taken at leisure after you are certified and licensed.  Another suggestion on taking the home inspection courses most lucrative to your business is to enlist the help of a mentor such as a member of a local chapter of a national home inspectors association to guide you through the process of finding quality home inspection courses.

Home inspection courses that are completely comprehensive are the courses that will most benefit an individual.  For example, if you want to increase your market to include clients with all different types of home inspection needs, then a course that includes instruction for roof systems, exterior elements, structural systems, insulation and ventilation, interior elements, electric, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems, hot water supply, and an overview of tools and equipment needed for inspections and filing reports.  Home inspection courses should not only teach the above components but the code of ethics and standards of practice associated with home inspection as well as some business theory.

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