Mold is a naturally occurring element in nature.  It helps aid the breakdown of dead organic matter such as leaves and dead wood.  When this element becomes home mold, however, it can be a source of problems for humans.  Mold cannot survive without moisture, so it’s important for people to realize this when they practice the prevention of home mold.  Since mold travels through the air in microscopic tiny spores that we cannot see, it is almost impossible to know for sure whether or not is has infiltrated your home unless you can see it or smell it.  Otherwise, a home mold test kit should be used.  Mold can be different colors, typically white, black, or green.  For people with allergic sensitivities or asthma, mold can be a real nightmare to deal with, since it helps to trigger these already annoying symptoms.  While most home mold grows in small spaces, sometimes it can spread quickly and over a large area.

If home mold is getting to be out of control, it is best not to try and remove it yourself.  Contact a mold inspection and removal specialist if you see an area of home mold growing ten by ten feet or larger.  If the area is small, usually bleach or detergent with hot water can kill it off within a confined area.  Be sure to wear protective gloves so that the mold does not get on your skin or into cuts.  A mask can’t hurt either, since it can help to prevent you from breathing in the spores.  Any kind of porous material such as carpet that has been infected should be thrown away immediately, since there could be spores growing deep into the material that you cannot detect.  Try not to paint over mold as it can grow or spread through paint.

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