If you’re looking to become a home inspector, you’ll need to enroll in some home inspector training classes.  A lot of trust is placed in a home inspector when they inspect a home and lives are potentially at risk if a major flaw is not discovered.  Many home inspectors first begin in the construction field so they start with a basic knowledge of building houses however it isn’t necessary.

While a classroom session in a home inspector training course may be helpful, the most knowledge can be gained in the field with hands on learning.  By getting the chance to inspect houses in training and view multiple kinds of construction flaws you’ll be well prepared for your home inspector career.  Training videos are also a great way to show you what all of the various flaws and problems you could face may look like.

When considering signing up for home inspector training classes you should look into your state’s laws regarding home inspectors.  Some states require licensing or certification which you should ensure your school provides.  State’s also have varying home inspection laws so you should make sure any courses you take are state that you’ll be working in. 

There are many different parts of a house you’ll be expected to inspect when you become a home inspector.  You’ll be inspecting heating and ventilation systems, plumbing, electrical work and roof evaluations.  During you’re inspections you’ll be crawling around in the basement and attic, and will need to be on the roof to check for any roof damage not visible from the ground.  The easiest way to make sure you cover all the areas is to always use an extensive checklist that can cover all the various aspects to a house.  That will help ensure that you don’t leave any areas unchecked.

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