When preparing to buy a house, one of the most important steps in the process is the building inspection, and it is a good idea to have a home inspection check list on hand to ensure that the assessment is done properly. Nothing can affect the value of a home more than problems that are not detected during the initial examination of the property. A potential buyer will often miss many of these troubling items, simply because he or she has not been trained extensively to detect such things. A professional inspector has a keen eye for detail and years of knowledge, which will serve to find even the smallest issues.

Items that should be on the home inspection check list for the exterior of the house include the foundation, siding, roof, and windows. The foundation should have no cracks, no loose blocks or stones, the placement of the house has to be secure, and the alignment must be perfect. Around the foundation, the grade should allow water to drain away from the house correctly. When looking at the roof, all of the lines must be straight, with no sagging, and all fascia boards should be in good order. There must be no missing shingles, missing flashing, leaks, and the gutters should be in good repair. All siding must in a good state, with no visible signs of leaks, and the windows should be inspected for any broken panes.

Inside the house, all of the plumbing, heating, and electrical systems must be on the home inspection check list. The water supply pipes should be free of leaks and properly insulated, where necessary. Water pressure must be tested, to ensure that all fixtures will work correctly. Drain lines should be checked for proper flow, they must have accessible cleanouts, and there should be no leaks. The entire electrical system must be examined for safe and proper operation. All heating and cooling systems have to be working properly, with no gas leaks and all of the proper safety precautions intact. By following a well-rounded home inspection check list, the new home owner will be aware of any potential problem areas, and will be able to make an appropriate offer for the house.

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