The Florida Mold Remediation Act was put in place to regulate the mold remediation happening in the state of Florida.  Florida wanted to make sure there was legislature in place to prevent citizens in need of mold remediation from being in danger of physical or economic injury.  If you are looking to become a registered mold Remediation Company or consultant there are some topics that are included in the Florida Mold Remediation Act that you should be familiar with.

In order to qualify for registration under the Florida Mold Remediation Act a person or company wishing to take part in Florida mold remediation must meet certain standards.  The applicant must be at least eighteen years of age and of good moral character.  The applicant must hold certification from the American Hygiene Association, Indoor Air Quality Association or an equivalent program as cleared by the Florida board.  A mold remediation company must be accredited by a company such as the American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Accreditation Program or National Cooperation on Laboratory Accreditation.

When a person or company is applying for registration under the Florida Mold Remediation Act they must only perform mold assessment or mold remediation or mold analysis on a single project.  The Florida mold remediation company must provide a work order stating where the work will be performed, how much will be cleaned and or removed, methods for remediation and clearance criteria for each area. 

If a person or company fails to uphold any part of the Florida Mold Remediation Act the state of Florida may suspend registration.  If registration is suspended then an emergency hearing will be held within the next twenty days.  If the person or company is found guilty of deceptively attaining a registration, violating a rule or standard for mold removal, or fails to maintain accurate records then disciplinary action will be taken up to and including losing registration and the ability to re-register for the period of at least five years.

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