When you are interested in getting construction work contracted out, it opens up a couple of options including directly hiring a contractor or having competing contractors bid to get the construction work. There are also differences in the laws in Florida as far as the contract is concerned in that you could choose between government contracts and non-government contracts.

Splitting Contracts Are Not Allowed

According to Florida construction law there is need to have competitive bidding and it is not possible to split the contract into distinct pieces in a bid to avoid statutory monetary minimum. Furthermore, it is also not possible under Florida construction law for a public body to draw specification in its request for bids whereby just a single bidder would be qualified to win the project.

Also, according to Florida construction law there are three types of payment methods available that include cost-plus, lump sum and unit price. Furthermore, Florida construction law also provides for cases involving substantial performance in which the contractor is in a position to recover the price of the contract minus costs of fixing any minor defects. In a nutshell, these laws in Florida also allows for situations in which the contractor have not in the main performed the duties entrusted to him or her, but who can still under the terms of the contract’s restitution principle recover for work that has been completed.

There is also special such laws in Florida that pertains to modifying the contract and where the law also allows for furnishing additional materials and labor as a trade-off for any additional money which can be considered as being proper consideration. And, there is also a clause in the law regarding mechanic’s lien which is a security device in which any contractor, sub-contractor and even supplier who is unpaid may apply for enforcing payment for services and materials by using the lien process.

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