Having an EIFS system put onto your business can do wonders to restore interest and change the perception of your store.  When you had the EIFS system installed you would have had to go to a professional EIFS installation specialist so there should not be any issues with your siding.  If however you are experiencing a need for EIFS repair then you should go back to the professionals as soon as possible.

EIFS is an excellent exterior finishing system to turn the most regular of buildings into something special.  You can create a new style of building by just having an EIFS system installed without having to change any of the interior of the building you already love.  The only problem with and EIFS system is getting EIFS repair.  Since EIFS is made without drainage in most cases unless you specifically asked for it, getting EIFS repair can mean the difference between a healthy staff and one that calls out sick due to Black Mold allergy infections.

Mold is everywhere.  Water damage to an EIFS system is the perfect place that mold wants to be to grow and spread.  You want to contact your EIFS specialist as soon as the damage occurs.  Because of the extensive legal action that took place in the early 90’s the people who now install EIFS are very professional and ready to help make sure you have a great product on your building.  You will be able to find a great contractor to help you out with EIFS repair in a quick and efficient manner.  Go back to the invoices and warranties that you received when you had EIFS retrofitted and you will highly likely find information about what to do for EIFS repair.  In no time you will be able to have any problems patched up and there will be no mold growth to make everyone, including yourself, sick.  

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