If you are thinking about changing the style of the home you live in but do not actually want to move then you should consider having an EIFS system installed onto your home.  EIFS systems are exterior finishing systems that can change the look of your home.  If you have always wanted to have columns added to the exterior of your home but thought it would look silly against the stucco walls you can change all that with EIFS.  You can have a new finish to your home which looks like bricks if you so choose and then have great white columns added to the outside.

When the EIFS system is being installed you will want to have a building code inspector come out to perform an EIFS inspection of your property to make sure that everything is being done correctly.  You want to make sure that the proper procedures for installation and sealing are being used on your home so there is no chance of mold in the future.  You should look into getting an EIFS system with built in irrigation to channel the water out of the walls of the home.

Once the EIFS system has been installed you are going to want to do regular self EIFS inspections of your home.  When running the EIFS inspection you should keep a log of the items you regularly check.  During your EIFS inspection you should check the bottom of the EIFS system near the soil, the EIFS finish along windows and doors and near the chimney if you have one.  To make your EIFS inspection official you could also photo document the areas so you can see if there is any unusual wear and tear over the months.

Keeping documentation of everything that went into the building and upkeep of your EIFS systems will help you have better EIFS inspections and ensure you have a well made and well refurbished home.

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