EIFS stucco is something that can be a real headache especially if your home has it and you want to sell your home, and the reason is that as soon as a buyer figures out that your home has this problem, he or she will at once look elsewhere even though you have taken steps to protect your home. Thus, homeowners who have taken the pains to protect their homes will face a lot of heartbreak which would have been very bad for them but for a few simple steps that can help rectify the situation.

Records Pertaining To Siding

To begin with, you should get the records pertaining to the siding and then get hold of EIFS stucco bond for repair and moisture that can be provided to the buyer thus helping to allay their fears. Also, if you ensure that the siding does not directly make contact with the ground, you will have found a way out and then you can perform a moisture test and give the results to the buyer.

These are simple steps that can help you overcome the problem and though there is not much you can do to allay a buyer’s fears about this kind of problem, you can certainly recognize such concerns and act to minimize their effects, which will go a long way in defending you against loss of buyer interest.

Because real estate is today a good means of investing money, it means that most educated buyers would think twice about buying EIFS stucco homes. Thus, homeowners need to have a multi-layered exterior finish that will help repair damaged buildings and in this there are three such layers that are used which include inner layer such as foam insulation boards, middle layer such as polymer and cement base coat, and finally, the exterior layer that is textured finish coat.

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