Before the long, cold days of winter approach, it is a good idea to have the heating ducts of a building inspected and cleaned, if necessary, by a duct cleaning service. As the temperature and humidity changes throughout the year, the heating and cooling ducts in any type of building will attract varying amounts of dust, bacteria, mold, and a range of other allergens. In most cases, these materials will not cause any harm or discomfort to an individual, other than the occasional offensive odor. Those with breathing difficulties or allergies, however, will greatly benefit from the periodic removal of these irritants from the duct system.

A qualified duct cleaning service will be able to take a look at the condition of the system, and decide whether an extensive cleaning will be necessary. Often, minor deposits will not warrant a full cleaning, unless the substance is one of the more dangerous types of mold, or another harmful material, such as the droppings of common pests. When significant amounts of these irritating materials have accumulated, however, it is good practice to have the entire heating and cooling system professionally cleaned. This ensures that the air coming into the building is of the highest quality, and it will also help the system maintain peak efficiency, in terms of performance.

There are several tools that the duct cleaning service will use to remove deposits that have built up within the system. A series of special brushes physically dislodge any substances that are stuck to the interior surfaces of the ducts. Then, a vacuum system with special filters is used to remove the loose particles from the system. Finally, special cleaning solutions are used to disinfect bacterial buildups and to kill any mold that has grown inside the ducts. Once the duct cleaning service is completed, it will likely be a few years before a full cleaning will be needed again.

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