If you have used EIFS products to refurbish your home or business only to have it fail not soon after due to water damage then you should speak to a construction law firm.  There is no need for you to have to suffer from water damage that could lead to mold and infections when a good construction law firm can get you compensation for your damages and get the work replaced. EIFS is a great product but if it was installed poorly then it can lead to a myriad of problems.

The folks at construction law firms have seen all the problems that poor insulation and ventilation can cause to your home.  If water gets trapped in your walls and the proper steps have not been taken to assure that water can easily escape then you will end up with mold.  Mold, and specifically black mold, can result in mycotoxins that will get into the air and cause carcinogen gas that can result in lung infections, ear infections, skin infections and flu-like symptoms.

Since removing mold can be a very time consuming and meticulous process, before you call a mold removal service, you should call a construction law firm.  The people at a construction law firm may have dealt with your previous contractors before and will know what the options are for you.  There may be a case pending on the company that you are currently having a problem with and a solution may be in the works for all the people who had work done by these folks.  By calling a construction law firm you will have people who understand what you are going through and who will help it get fixed for you. 

You may want to contact construction law firms before you have an EIFS system or other work done on your home or business.  A construction law firm will be able to tell you if a local contractor has had many problems in the past and what the company’s reputation is.  If you do a little bit of research on the onset of a project it may prevent you from having mold in the end.

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