You may have never even realized that there was such a thing as a construction defect attorney.  But if you’re experiencing any problems with your house, it might be a good idea to think about hiring one. Obviously, if you’re living in an older home, your chance of getting any money or benefit from hiring a construction defect attorney are limited; most cases involving construction defect attorneys are for newer homes.  If you purchased a brand new home from the builder, or purchased a recently-built home, you may be able to do something about any construction defects you encounter.

In this era of modern construction, some builders continue to build high-quality homes that will last for years. But others don’t.  Some homes, in fact, seem like they’re designed to fall apart after a five-year period.  New homes go up quickly, but sometimes at the expense of quality construction.  If your newer home is exhibiting any of these problems, you may want to consult a construction defect attorney: warped siding, water damage, mold, or generally poor construction.  Particularly in expensive housing markets, a new home can seem like a steal, but if the construction is cheap, you’re getting what you pay for. 

A construction defect attorney can help you after the fact, but it is better to avoid purchasing a poor quality home in the first place.  When you are looking at a home, try to look past the granite countertops in the kitchen and into fundamental quality indicators: are the floors level? Has wallboard been installed properly, without visible grooves where the joints meet or the screws have been put in? If there’s wall-to-wall carpet, what’s underneath? What’s the siding made of? Does the air smell humid or musty already? Should you encounter any of these problems once you own the home, poor construction may be to blame. A construction defect attorney can help you recoup your losses in such a situation.

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