A very important part of building a new home or even an office building or restaurant is the construction inspection. These inspections are mandated by many local and state laws in order to ensure the safety of the future occupants of the building. There are many private companies that can perform a construction inspection and there are also many state departments that handle building and construction inspection and code enforcement. Due to the many laws regarding building safety it is very important to follow these building rules and regulations because if you fail a construction inspection the project will end up costing you a lot more money than you planned on. If you are having a home built by a contractor they are the ones that will deal with all of these details and they will know how to build the house to pass the inspection process, and if they do not meet the requirements it will cost them and not you.

When it comes to any building you always want to hire the best in each field anyways, so if you do not go through a contractor and you are building the house by yourself and hiring a couple of journeyman you want to make sure you learn about all of the different building codes and specifications. When you hire a local journeyman through the Union for certain things they are usually up to date with all of the requirements to pass the construction inspection in their specific fields of expertise, such as the electricians and the plumbers. The other thing to consider when you are building your own home is that you will also have to pay the person or company that performs the construction inspection, but that is usually a fairly small fee. The safety of your loved ones should always come first and they is why you always want to build your home to meet the strictest guidelines and you should never build it just well enough to pass the inspection.

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