When you’re buying a brand new house unfortunately you’re bound to run into some construction defects.  When the builder says that they are done building your house you should take a thorough look throughout the house with a certified inspector to look for any possible construction defects.  Not only can construction defects be very costly if left for years, but can also be deadly when it comes to faulty wiring or errors with the furnace installation.

When you arrive to check for construction defects you should first survey the outside of the house.  Is the driveway asphalt or concrete done correctly?  There shouldn’t be any large cracks and any asphalt should be sealed to help protect it from the elements.  If your house has a deck or porch you’ll want to check for any structural integrity defects and cracking.  As you walk around the house you will want to check the visible foundation for any cracks.  The soil should be slightly mounded against the foundation so that any water rolls away from your house to prevent pooling. 

As you head inside you’ll want to check all of the walls for any cracks which can be caused by the house settling.  Any cracks you see will only get worse with time and can be very difficult to fix.  You’ll want to carefully check all windows and feel around the edges for any air leaks.  A single construction defect in a window can cost you a lot of money in the winter and can put an uncomfortable draft in the room.

The roofing of your house is one of the most important aspects.  You’ll want to make sure that all of your shingles are properly tiled and that none are missing already.  A construction defect in your roof can cost thousands of dollars in repairs if it begins leaking inside.  The roof is also where most of your home’s heat is lost so it’s important to have good insulation in your roof or attic to help keep your house warm.

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