If you need to find a commercial building inspection service, chances are you’re trying to determine if the building that you’re buying is structurally sound. Or, alternatively, you are going to sell your building and you want to discover and fix any potential  problems before a buyer does, thus maximizing your selling price. A good commercial building inspection service will examine all aspects of your building.  Be aware that there may be surcharges for optional elements such as lead paint testing or radon measurement.  Any commercial building inspection should check the structural integrity of the building, as well as note any defects such as plumbing issues or problems with electrical wiring.

Depending on the type of commercial building, there may be special  areas to check—for instance, does the loading dock work properly? If there are industrial doors or equipment that come with the building, do they function properly? Is there a sprinkler system or other fire safety system? Some of these factors may depend on the age of the building. If you plan to renovate the building after buying it, you’ll want to know if there are any environmental hazards such as asbestos before you make the decision to buy.  If the paint is fresh and the floors have been refinished, it may be easy to ignore potentially serious problems. You’ll want to have a commercial building inspection that is as thorough as possible—it’s far better to have too much information than too little.

Commercial building inspections vary from state to state.  You can find a variety of companies that will inspect your building, and you can find reviews that will help you find the best ones. Commercial building inspections are an important way of keeping you, your employees, and your customers safe and healthy in your commercial building.

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