If you are building a new home or office, it is important that everything is built according to code.  Building inspectors play a vital role in ensuring that your new building or facility is safe and doesn’t pose a threat to public health and safety.  It is also a good idea for large businesses or companies to hire building inspectors to routinely check through the facilities to ensure that everything is ok.

Building inspectors are certified and take classes that prepare them for their job.  They are the authority when it comes to determining if a structure or building is safe, free from contaminants, or contagious organisms.  They are also certified and are trained to determine if the proper materials have been used when the building was constructed.

Certain materials are preferable to others when building due to the fact that different areas have different climates.  Therefore, building inspectors can ensure that the materials used to compose a structure will stand up to the elements that an area frequently experiences.  This may be tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, snow blizzards, or other natural elements.  This is why it is crucial that building inspectors are certified for the area in which they work in. 

One aspect that building inspectors are trained in is mold detection.  When mold appears on a faucet, sink, showerhead, or bathtub, it can easily be removed.  However, when mold infests the inside of a wall or ceiling the problem can quickly grow to enormous proportions.  A building inspector will make certain that the materials used to construct the walls are up to code and include materials that help prevent the growth of mold.  By making sure that buildings are inspected, you can make certain that the health and safety of the public is protected.  Inspectors will also advise you on the best course of action for repairing any damage as well.

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