There is a cynical, but often true statement that nothing is ever as good as it seems.  This statement is typically applicable to purchasing old homes or older commercial buildings that, while they possess a great amount of charm, they also possess dated features that, if not checked out and fixed, or at least noted, could lead to unfortunate and often costly problems in the future. 

To ensure that people are treated fairly and get a fair deal, building inspections are generally required of older spaces.  The purpose of building inspections is to ensure the structural safety and quality of the place that a buyer is looking to purchase.  The building inspectors that perform building inspections are thoroughly trained to inspect all structural elements of the building or home and to perform tests such as radon and carbon monoxide tests, as well as check elements such as the foundation and the roof. 

Oftentimes, the person conducting the building inspections can see many things that a homeowner would easily over look.  Another thing that is often included during building inspections is the inspection of the fire safety level of the home.  This test is to ensure the house or building is up to fire code and can be left easily in case of an emergency caused by a fire.  Nowadays building inspections are very common and occur before a piece of real estate is purchased.  If building inspections were not performed, people would often purchase homes that seemed great from the outside, but possessed extreme flaws that could turn the dream home into a money pit.

When building inspections are performed, it is best for the potential buyer to be on site so that they can see for themselves what needs to be fixed, as well as the building inspectors advice on how to fix something, where to go, and how much it is going to cost to make their future dream home safe for many years to come.

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