If you live in an area with a relative humidity index of over 55%then your home and your body is more susceptible than most to the dangers of toxic black mold.  Like other molds, toxic black mold is a fungus that spreads and grows very quickly when given the most favorable conditions needed such as poorly lit, damp surfaces. Pipe and roofing leaks and flooding could indicate that your home is exhibiting a potential black mold symptom.  Another black mold symptom found in the home is a musty odor, condensation or rusting and discoloration of walls.  Astoundingly, even a love of houseplants can ominously suggest a potential black mold symptom because of their constant need for watering.  Warped wood, peeled and cracked paint, and blackened tiling can also be indicators of a residential black mold symptom to be on the lookout for. 

Your home is not the only concern in the potential toxicity of black mold.  Toxic black mold is very dangerous to humans and animals alike.  One very serious black mold symptom experienced by humans is loss of brain function including memory loss, impairment and difficulty in the thought process. Toxic black mold can also cause the worst black mold symptom, which is destruction of brain tissue.  Abdominal pain, altered immunity, cancer, central nervous system dysfunction, hemorrhage, frequent migraines, depression, seizures, and dementia among many other lessor and more serious conditions have been linked to toxic black mold poisoning and eventually death for many victims.

If you suspect your home may have a black mold problem, you will want to find the source of the mold right away.  If you are in poor health or have a weakened immune system, you may want to hire a specialist to find and remove the mold for you professionally for a fee.  However, if you prefer to clean up yourself, always wear a protective mask and cover your body so that skin and open wounds follicles, etc are not exposed to the mold.

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