It’s important to fix all leaks in a home as soon as their presence is detected.  Ignoring them damages property and makes a mess but it also leads to the growth of a toxic form of mold that can cause allergic reactions that can lead to severe respiratory distress.

It’s impossible to develop an environment that is 100% free of mold.  They’re, quite literally, everywhere and won’t cause harm in most cases.  The problem occurs when growing conditions are favorable and the mold colony reaches a size that contaminates the environment.

One such infestation is called black mold because it stains walls, ceilings, floors, and everything else it grows on black.  It’s highly toxic and ridding it from a home calls for the help of black mold removal technicians.

Black mold removal is never successful or safe when done by oneself.  In fact, it’s such a highly specialized service that the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has special guidelines, regulations, and procedures for anyone attempting to do so.
Black mold removal, often referred to as remediation, is a four-step procedure that requires special training and specialized equipment.  The goal is to not merely remove the damaged building materials and clean up the structure.  These things must be done in a way that doesn’t further contaminate the environment and leaves little chance of regrowth.

Black mold removal procedures also require special handling and disposal of the contaminated materials removed from a home.  Regulations vary according to local government statutes but the professional remediation specialists know how to do this safely and legally.

Many black mold infestations are not caused by mechanical failures but are caused instead by acts of nature such as flood, rain, and storm damage.  The presence of black mold colonization may not show up immediately but it is almost certain to be in the beginning stages.

Should your home suffer such damages, the obvious repairs may be costly.  Nevertheless, it could be a wise idea to call a black mold removal specialist when the repairs are made, even if no presence is yet detected.

It may take months before colonization becomes apparent.  By then the job required of the black mold removal specialists is bigger and, accordingly, much more costly.

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