Black mold is a form of the fungus Aspergillus Niger and usually affects fruits and vegetables.  Most often black mold affects crops of onions and kills out strains of peanuts and grapes.  Black mold can take root in a strain of potatoes and ruin an entire crop.  Lack mold spores can take hold in maple trees and grow fully when climate conditions are right.  However, there have been cases where black mold health related problems have arisen in horticulture workers.

Black mold health related problems can result in the lung disease Asperillosis.  Black mold heath related symptoms can also turn up in the form of Otomycosis.  Otomycosis is a fungal ear infection which can result in hearing loss, ear canal damage, and severe pain in some cases.  Asperillosis and Otomycosis can both be found in black mold on plants and sometimes in Egyptian tombs where it can fester for years before it is inhaled by humans.

There are some benefits that black mold health will promote for humans.  Black mold is used in factories in the production of enzymes which when fermented will create high fructose corn syrup and can be used to help wine clarity.  You do not want to consume black mold in its raw stat though as it could cause vomiting and high fevers.

Black mold health related issues are rare but certainly something to be watched out for.  If you are in an area where black mold health related problems are something you should be wary of then just look for the signs and avoid them.  You will be able to see black mold growing in plants and fruits and you will know not to eat the said fruit and alert authorities.  Many farmers at farmers markets have inspected their onions and peanuts fully and will not be passing the black mold health related risks on to you.

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