Mold can be a toxic visitor in your home that you may not even now is there. Home inspections are one way of combating against mold and keeping your home clean and healthy for everyone who lives in it.

There are some forms of mold, like toxic black mold, that can be very dangerous to the health of the people inhabiting the home. You may not even realize you have a toxic mold such as toxic black mold in your house. If toxic black mold infestation gets too severe, the home may need to be evacuated for a period of time. It can be detrimental to one’s health to be exposed to certain types of mold like toxic black mold for too long. Homes with young children and animals who may be more likely to directly ingest toxic black mold because they are more likely to put things in their mouths. These types of homes especially benefit from mold testing kits or home inspections.

If you or your family members have already been exposed to a toxic mold such as black mold, there are black mold exposure symptoms to be on the watch for. Black mold exposure symptoms can be signs of black mold entering your body and causing harm. Different types of toxic mold can cause different symptoms. The amount of mold you have been exposed to and how you came into contact with it also have to do with what type of black mold exposure symptoms you may show. There are a number of black mold exposure symptoms that have to do with the respiratory system. Difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing and sneezing can be signs of exposure to black mold. Other black mold exposure symptoms include chronic fatigue, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and in some severe cases, cancer.

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