Black mold is one of the most devastating types of mold to infect both a home and human beings.  It has been known to cause illness and even death in certain people, and it spreads very rapidly, sometimes taking over the entire home.  There are several warning signs that everyone should pay attention to in order to be warned about a possible black mold infestation.  First and foremost, people living in areas of the country with high humidity should pay special attention and look for black mold.  If the interior of your home has high humidity levels, this can be a breeding ground for the mold.  Basements that are dark and damp are also places where the mold likes to grow, so be sure to check it often and treat these areas if possible for mold growth.  Any kind of pipe leaks or water dripping in areas of the house are also warning signs that black mold can grow there, so be sure to investigate at least every 6 months or so for these drips and leaks.

Black mold starts off very small, which makes it more difficult to notice, however this mold also spreads extremely quickly and has a dark color that is hard to miss.  If you begin to notice musty or mildew like smells, it’s important to find out what is causing them and where they’re coming from, as black mold has this scent.  You may also notice that you or your family members are becoming more prone to colds that last longer than usual.  This could be an indication that there is black mold in your home.  It’s important to know the warning signs of black mold so you can prevent it from affecting you and your loved ones.  Catching it early and eliminating it as soon as possible is the best defense against this unhealthy invader.

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