The attic is a wonderful secret space in a home with a myriad of possibilities.  Most people will use their attic as a storage space for holiday ornaments or baby clothes.  If you are a super do it yourselfer then you may want to turn your attic into a workspace where you can be creative.  In either case you will want to make sure that neither your home nor attic has Black Mold.

Black Mold usually comes from mold being allowed to grow after a water source has fed it.  If you have had any leaks in your roof or an intense bought of high humidity in your home then you want to look into attic Black Mold remediation.  Most folks have exposed insulation in their attic and Black Mold would love to take up residence there.

After a storm you want to go up and check your attic for Black Mold.  Does the attic smell moldy?  Are the black mold spores attaching to the walls and in the insulation, taking over your space and growing?  If you can see the attic Black Mold infestations then you will be able to fix them yourself.  If you are not able to see the attic Black Mold infestations you should call in a professional Mold Remediation Specialist to take a look at your attic.  Mold Remediation Specialists have a way of testing your home to make sure it is free of the poisonous gasses created by Black Mold.

There is no reason not to have a Black Mold free attic.  You want your home to be in good shape and safe for your family.  You do not want attic Black Mold to grow and cause serious illness to your family.  Take care of attic Black Mold quickly and you will not run into any drama.

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