When you buy a new home, one of the worst things you can discover after moving in is asbestos insulation in your walls or on your pipes.  Asbestos disposal is an expensive job to have done, and is very difficult to do on your own.  The reason why asbestos is not good to find is because of the serious harm it can do to your lungs when inhaled.  When disturbed, asbestos breaks into thousands upon thousands of virtually weightless strands which float through the air.  When inhaled, these strands can cause lung disease, and in particular mesothelioma, a very aggressive cancer of the abdomen, which is generally fatal.

If you find what you suspect to be asbestos you should make care not to touch or disturb the asbestos in any way.  Asbestos gets very brittle and can easily break apart.  You should call an asbestos disposal company as soon as possible so they can give you their professional opinion on how to remove it.

Sometimes asbestos shouldn’t even be removed at all.  Instead it can be encapsulated with another substance to prevent the asbestos from breaking apart and floating into the air.  While encapsulating the asbestos doesn’t remove it all together, it does limit the danger it can post.  In the long run though, the asbestos will have to be dealt with.

When you hire a professional asbestos disposal company they will probably begin with a thorough inspection to see just how much asbestos is involved.  When they first begin extracting the asbestos they will wear face masks to prevent the asbestos from entering their lungs.  After removing all of the large pieces they will wash the surfaces in which the asbestos was attached to remove any stray pieces.  To be thorough, some asbestos disposal companies then repaint or reseal the surface to cover any last traces of the asbestos.

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