Asbestos is a product that was commonly used in the construction of many homes and buildings in the mid 1900s, and was discovers in the 1970s to be a dangerous carcinogen, and was banned from further use in construction products and any other form of use.  Asbestos was used frequently because it was fire resistant, heat safe, and did not conduct electricity.  Because of these features, the product seemed great for building and construction purposes. While asbestos was not used in building and construction after the 1970s, the product was, and still is, around everywhere is many old buildings.  Because asbestos can cause serious illnesses such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis, it is important that asbestos training is done on the safe removal of the product so that the homeowners or building occupants do not have to come in contact with product and are not put at risk for contracting these diseases.

Asbestos training teaches professionals how to remove the asbestos from whatever casing it is lying in, such as walling or flooring.  With out the proper asbestos training, small fibers from the old asbestos could become airborne, and create huge health risks for the people living in the home. 

Another thing to think about when removing asbestos is that the asbestos training is done by licensed professionals.  Asbestos is so dangerous, that if someone is trained by an agency that is not licensed in proper asbestos removal, they can not insure that all of the small fibers will be removed.  With the proper asbestos removal done by professionals who have received asbestos training, homeowners and building occupants can rest easy knowing that they are not in any danger of getting mesothelioma or lung cancer that could have been caused by the carcinogenic asbestos product.  Asbestos is a dangerous product, but when properly taken care of, it can easily be tamed.

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