In the 1940s and 1950s, a common material was often used in home and building construction called asbestos.  Asbestos was a great building material that is actually an organic fibrous compound that is heat and fire resistant, and also can not conduct electricity.  While asbestos used to be a common product to use, in the 1970s, the Consumer Products Safety Commission, also known as the CPSC, determined that asbestos was a dangerous carcinogen and was to be banned from the market.  While many building still contained asbestos, proper precautions were to be made for employees who were going to have to come in contact with the produce.  Several decades later, many company owners and construction project leaders each faced a large asbestos lawsuit, claiming that proper health cautions were not taken when employees came in contact with the product.  The reason that an asbestos lawsuit was able to come about was that many former construction workers and other employees had discovered that they have illnesses causes from their contact with asbestos.  An asbestos lawsuit claims that innocent people came in contact with asbestos at work, and had later discovered that they were sick with illnesses such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.  The asbestos lawsuit claims that these employees were knowingly subjected to unhealthy and unsafe situations at work. 

Many families have created an asbestos lawsuit against their loved ones former employees because their family has had someone become sick or even loose their life because of their asbestos encounters.  People who file an asbestos lawsuit feel that if their loved ones employer had proved the correct safety material to be used when someone was in contact with the dangerous product, no one would have become sick or had to unfortunately loose their life.  Over the years, many families an have the opportunity to win an asbestos lawsuit and feel as though they have gained someone of justice for their unwarranted pain and loss.

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