Many people who have worked on older homes or in older buildings are acutely aware of asbestos exposure and the problems and heartache that can occur to to exposure to this product. For those people who do not commonly work in old spaces, asbestos exposure might not be a commonly used phrase.  You might wonder what, exactly, asbestos is. 

Asbestos is actually the phrase used to describe several minerals that are produced naturally in the environment in bundles of fibers that are often spread thin to create thin, strong threads. These natural fibers were a great product for builders to use because the asbestos fibers were resistant to fire, heat, and chemicals, and didn’t conduct electricity. For a long time, it was believed that asbestos was a great product to use in construction because of all of its great features. However, over time, scientist learned that the asbestos that can be emitted into the environment can be extremely dangerous and toxic.

 Asbestos exposure can cause a lot of damage for people that have been exposed to this product. Asbestos exposure can lead to the development of malignant mesothelioma which is extremely dangerous and often deadly. Asbestos exposure can also cause diseases such as lung cancer, asbestos, and pleural disease.  During WWII and the few decades following, asbestos was used commonly throughout many industries, causing many people to be subjected to asbestos exposure and therefor be subjected to many of the awful diseases that have come about because of this asbestos exposure.

Ever since it was discovered that asbestos exposure can pose serious health problems, the FDA has banded the use of the product. People have also made conscious efforts to remove all asbestos still present in older homes and buildings, so that the danger of asbestos exposure can be eliminated.

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