Living in an area of high humidity, can cause mold problems in our homes. Molds are tiny organisms that eat natural substances and replicate by releasing spores. They are a variety of fungus that in nature help to decompose or breakdown vegetation. Mold problems occur when they enter our houses and start to digest them.

The best way of dealing with mold problems is stopping them before they start. If you see or suspect there may be a problem with moisture building up, through a leaking roof, a crack in your foundation, a leaky plumbing fixture, or a poorly ventilated bathroom you should take steps to correct the trouble before it becomes a mold problem. The telltale signs that you have mold problems are a musty odor or spotting black or wet specks in a damp area. Stopping leaks, and ventilating the area are often enough to prevent mold. A dehumidifier in your basement is also an excellent preventive measure. 

Removing mold problems once you have can be difficult. Using a mold killer such as a fungicide or a full strength solution of distilled vinegar can be highly effective, but these take time to work, and can take multiple applications to fully eliminate the mold problems. Renting or purchasing an ozone-generating machine will remove the mold, but the room must be evacuated while the machine is working due to the high concentration of ozone needed to kill the mold. This also often needs to be repeated to be successful.

If the mold problems are too severe for a mold killer to eradicate it, then you will need to replace the affected materials such as dry wall, or carpet. The discarded material should be tightly sealed in plastic and discarded immediately. Use of protective clothing including gloves, respirators and eye protection are recommended.

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