There has been increasing concern that the unpredictability of weather patterns, the onslaught of natural disasters such as hurricanes and the general effects of climate change may be doing some kind of damage that may be internal, and not external.

Home-owners in New Orleans for example after the ravages of Katrina settled down and began the arduous task of rebuilding or fixing their homes and discovered that some of them had to contend with more than just broken windows and water-logged rooms. There were reported cases of mold infections, some of which were so severe as to cause immediate allergic reactions in some individuals.

For the rest of the country fortunate enough to have escaped nature’s wrath, you still have to realize that nature even in its calm state, still allows for the natural processes that makes mold flourish. And experts say that it’s more common than you think. With such chances, getting expert mold inspectors into your home right now may be the most prudent thing to do.

Industry experts cite the practicality of having your home inspected for molds and general indoor quality at a time when costs have significantly dropped. In some states, the value of a home being sold or bought sometimes hinges on the certification that it has passed indoor air standards. If you are a real estate agent, a building contractor or a simple homeowner, the next best people to have by your side may be mold inspectors.

The rule of thumb in getting competent mold inspectors is to look for those who have an extensive construction and inspection background. Be wary of mold inspectors who would simply tell you upfront that they could only do physical inspections for water intrusion and mold. This is not sufficient because you would need air testing as well to reveal airborne levels of mold spores which may pose dangerous health risks.

Look and check for other credentials as well such as an E & O and GL insurances, and membership with the Indoor Air Quality Association. Ask friends and other homeowners if they can refer mold inspectors that have already done satisfactory work for their homes.

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