Whether it is an apartment complex or a government building, an entertainment venue or a high rise office, all buildings must follow certain law construction requirements.  These laws are put in place to ensure the safety of everyone from the beginning construction phases and throughout the building’s lifespan.  One of the first stages of law construction consists of the zoning of the building.  Builders must obtain a number of zoning permits including those that contain noise clauses.  Once a permit is issued, no changes can be made without express written consent from the locality, and often a lawyer has to be involved in order for the change to be made final.  For builders, it is smart to have a legal advisor or even a legal team set in place before construction begins, just in case issues arise later on and things need to be addressed in court.

In rare cases, law construction exceptions can be made, and a lawyer can ask that certain things be exempt from the builder’s requirements.  Usually this process involves paperwork and an appeal to a judge or city official. One may wonder why all of this is so important, and how law construction guidelines are implemented in the first place.  The construction process is a very complex one, and all aspects need to be laid out and examined.  Some of these include budget plans, architectural sketches and floor plans, scheduling of various activities, safety for the workers, material availability, and of course logistics to name a few.  These laws and regulations are necessary to ensure a smooth process and to be positive that when the building is finally done, there are no surprises later on down the road.  With the help of various laws in regards to construction, we can all be sure that our buildings were built properly, legally, and safely.

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