The quality of air that you breathe can play a vital role in the condition of your health because it has been found that the air that you breathe, when less than clean can cause you to suffer a number of health problems. This is certainly reason to worry when you consider that indoors air is six to ten times more polluted than what you would breathe in the outdoors.

Affects You At Work

The air that you breathe will radically affect your work, your ability to concentrate and also perform your daily chores and it will also have a long lasting effect on your health. What you need is indoor air quality testing that can show you the way to improve the quality of air in your home or office. The importance of indoor air quality testing cannot be overstated and it will help determine how healthy is the surroundings in which you live, which given the fact that almost ninety percent of your time is spent indoors is something you can ill afford not to have done.

Indoor air quality testing can find out the presence of mold that may otherwise is invisible to the human eye and also requires having to fill out an indoor environmental health questionnaire, and also having a complete visual inspection of your property. In addition, it includes testing for moisture, use of thermal imaging, screening for toxic gas as well as combustible gas, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide testing, as well as checking temperature and also relative humidity levels throughout the home or office.

Other things that are checked when having indoor air quality testing include screening for radioactive building material, microwave leak testing, air ion count, aerosolized dust particulate screening, lead testing, magnetic field testing, electric field testing, radon testing and formaldehyde tests after which you should get a written test which will include findings as well as recommendations of how to improve quality of air in the office or home.