Once a mold problem is noticed in a dwelling or working environment the first question that comes to mind is how to clean mold.  However, the answer to the question of  how to clean mold is not a simple one line answer, but rather a list of checks one must make in order to assure the question ‘how to clean mold’ is answered thoroughly and in turn, the moldy space is mold free and safe.

The first point of interest when asking how to clean mold is proper safety and attire.  Because mold is a living organism that produces chemicals harmful to humans it is important to remember to protect yourself.  In order to do this, when cleaning mold one should wear a respirator mask to filter the air, a pair of rubber gloves to keep from coming in contact with the mold, and a pair of goggles in order to avoid any contact to they eyes.  After the safety precautions are done, one can than begin preparing to further answer the question ‘how to clean mold’.  

Now it is important to remember that mold damages the items that it grows on, and therefore not all items will be cleanable.  This applies particularly to porous or fabric surfaces such as ceiling tiles and rugs.  These damaged porous items may need to be thrown out or given over to professional care to assure the mold is cleaned up.  To begin, find the damaged area and scrub the mold off with detergent and water, than dry the area completely.  Now locate the leaky fixture or wall that is allowing the water to seep into the area and fix this problem.  This will prevent the mold from returning. 

Finally, our last step in how to clean mold would be cosmetic.  After having assured that all the mold is cleaned up, and the area completely dry repaint or caulk these areas.  Now we have answered the question ‘how to clean mold’.

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