With a few states having no licensing requirements for home inspectors, many may believe they are raking a chance when they hire someone to do the job. However, since the majority of inspectors have appropriate training and education, you may want to look for one with home inspection certification credentials.

While many of the established home inspection companies may have had their folks work with a trained inspector or an engineering conducting inspections, they will be well trained but may not be able to present physical proof of their training. However, most companies issue home inspection certification to their qualified employees before they are allowed to work for others.

By verifying a person has a home inspection certification the person using their service can be more confident they will receive a qualified inspection. The certification should indicate the types of inspections the person is trained to perform and for most, it will be on every phase of construction. In addition to having a home inspection certification from a verifiable source, a certificate of liability should also be inspected.

If an inspector makes a mistake their misjudging the condition of a house can come back and haunt the new buyer. By knowing they have general liability insurance that will cover the homeowners, can make them more comfortable in their choice of inspectors. With insurance any problems that may be blamed on the inspector can be addressed in civil court in states not requiring licensing.

In states that do require a home inspection license, the licensing requires a state test, typically administered by construction engineers. By holding a state license, home inspection certification is taken for granted. It indicates the person is qualified and experienced in conducting home inspections in accordance with the rules of that state.

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