The purpose of air ducts is to help both deliver and remove air.  This is the system that operates within your walls and ceilings, and allows air from the air conditioner and heating system to flow freely through the house.  Over the years, the air ducts can easily get clogged or filled with all kinds of irritant and allergens.  A good duct cleaning can help get rid of these things and make a huge difference in the indoor air quality of your home.  This process can also be a savior to people who suffer from allergies.  Some examples of what lurk inside the air ducts include dust, pollen, mites, animal or pet hair, and even things like cockroaches!  A duct cleaning service can help to get rid of these pests and help to keep the circulation of air flowing freely throughout the house.

Generally speaking, duct cleaning is a fairly inexpensive process, but larger homes may require someone with more experience and will most likely cost more.  There are some ways that you as a homeowner can tell whether or not a duct cleaning is in order.  The first and easiest way to tell is by examining your air vents fairly closely.  If you see things like mold growth, it is probably past time for a good duct cleaning.  Other telltale signs include heavy amounts of dust accumulating on the furniture fairly quickly.  In other words, if you find that you have to dust the wooden coffee table more than once per week and the dust is fairly thick, the odds are that it is coming from the air ducts.  By getting a duct cleaning, you can eliminate the millions of microscopic allergens, irritants, and dirt that are floating through the air, and can breathe much easier.  It can be a real lifesaver for people with allergies.