Having strong healthy lungs is very important to live a long and healthy life but there are many people that are exposed daily to different types of dangerous pollutants in the air. There are numerous factories, warehouses and many other places that are forced to have air quality testing done to help protect the long term health of their employees. These places are monitored by different agencies such as OSHA, who come and do these tests such as air quality testing and noise testing usually once a year and if they find numerous violations they will end up fining the company and eventually shutting them down if they keep failing tests and have blatant disregard for their employee’s health. Air quality testing is something that is always a good thing to have done even if you have a small company and it can also be a great idea to test the air quality in your home every six months or so.

There are many things that can affect the air quality in your home such as different types of molds, carbon monoxide, and other gases. There are many air quality testing kits that you can purchase on your own so you can perform your own tests in your home, office, or shop. Performing do it yourself air quality testing is essential if you or someone else in your home has many allergies and these tests can also help to detect possible problems that could be effecting everyone in your home, such as the aforementioned molds. It is also possible to hire a professional and the tests they can perform are a lot more reliable than the air quality testing kits you can find on your own, but this is also a lot more expensive so usually you would be fine doing your own tests and that will help detect the most common air pollutants.