When purchasing a new home it is always a good idea to have a House Inspector take a look at the property before signing.  A house inspector is a qualified structural engineer who can take a look at the property and discern any current or foreseeable problems the home has or will develop.  However not all home inspectors are the same, and its important to make sure you’ve contracted a reputable one.  There are a number of ways to assure a quality house inspector, but there are a handful that are sure tip offs. 

The number one sign to look for is that your house inspector is licensed; this insures that he has followed the proper channels and is capable to address the job at hand.  Being licensed however is not a guarantee, so one should always ask their inspector if he offers guarantees on his work.  This is another way to assure you have contracted a reputable home inspector.  Inspectors who are willing to guarantee their work in writing are generally seasoned veterans, and know what they are getting themselves into. 

Finally, when you are researching it is important to consider house inspectors who are insured.  Although it is not required, house inspectors should carry Errors and Omissions insurance.  This will assure that the client is getting everything they need, and preventing any problems that the home inspector may erroneously cause.  With these three handy tips to remember, it will be easier for anyone to procure a reliable, qualified house inspector for what will be the biggest purchase of most peoples lives.  But remember, there are always more ways to check up on your house inspector, and the number one way aside from those listed above is to research his or her previous jobs.  Actively approach them for references, not just one, so you can speak with other individuals that have been in your shoes and can tell you what you need to know.  With these tips, finding a house inspector can be an easy rather than arduous task.

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