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A house remodeling project can be quite a challenge, from beginning to end. It’s a task so daunting that few homeowners should consider doing it themselves.

From the beginning, a plan must be devised that will make best use of the existing home and also encompass the house remodeling project, too. Sometimes the insight and expertise of a professional consulted at the inception of the project is instrumental to long-term satisfaction of the final product.

Even when a home has been occupied for many years, there are likely to be some surprises hidden behind the walls or under the floors that can complicate a house remodeling job even when the job is done by a professional. The pro will know how to deal with all sorts of issues relating to the wiring, the plumbing, ventilation, and structural issues that may surface.

Depending upon the extent of a house remodeling operation, it’s very likely that building or remodel permits will be required before the project can pass final inspection for occupancy. This is a very important aspect of any house remodeling job and it cannot be overlooked.

When done in a “hidden” manner, house repairs made without getting a permit and inspection can cause big problems down the line, even when they seem to save money at the time.

One example of how such do-it-yourself house remodeling projects can cause problems is with the eventual sale of the home. You may intend to live there forever but the average American moves every seven years.

It may finally be time for that move and you may have found a buyer willing and ready to pay top dollar for your home. They may especially like the house remodeling job you did yourself and be very anxious to move in.

The problem will come with transferring title to that property. When a title search shows that house remodeling projects were done without permits and inspections, a mortgage company is not likely to allow the sale to happen.

The house is quite likely to be condemned, consider unfit for occupancy.

You may not be able to sell the house to anyone, for any price, until the house remodeling projects pass inspection and a certificate of occupancy is issued by the appropriate governing body. You and your family may not be allowed to live there, either, until the house passes inspection.

The money saved originally by doing the house remodeling yourself is likely to be just a drop in the bucket compared to the expenses incurred with the loss of a sale, new permits, inspections, fines, and penalties that may be levied against you once the remodeling is discovered.

Even when a professional house remodeling professional isn’t hired to do the actual work, it may be a wise investment to have one visit the site, review the plan, and provide advice on how to proceed before any work is begun.

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