Learn How You Can Get FREE Money With a Home Improvement Grant!

Home improvement grants are different from home improvement loans in that they don’t have to be paid back. Grants are money awarded to improve the home in a way that often makes the home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

With that end in mind, it’s no wonder that many home improvement grants are offered by local utility providers and government entities. Grant awards are usually based on financial need so not everyone is eligible. Nor is every home improvement project.

If, however, you are in a lower income bracket or live in an impoverished area, it’s likely you have several sources from which to apply for home improvement grants.

Contact your utility providers to see what type of home improvement grants they offer. Electricity providers will likely be willing to help you make your home more energy efficient so it uses less electricity. The service you use for water and natural gas probably offers measures to help you use those resources more efficiently, too.

Local social welfare entities are another source for home improvement grants. Names of these agencies vary by region but every region has them. Some of them are operated on a city level while others are state or federal agencies.
Sometimes there are monies allocated for home improvement grants for people living in economically challenged areas. This is often the case for inner city neighborhoods and for areas affected by natural disaster, such as fire, flood, and hurricane or tornado activity.

Even illness or injury leading to long-term disability is sometimes reason for home improvement grants. Ask the social worker at your healthcare facility about them.

Sometimes repairs are needed that will bring a home back to proper working order. Not all improvements are for looks or expansion. For remodeling jobs that are more necessity than luxury, seek financial assistance by means of home improvement grants.

When repairs are needed to improve the quality of life, regardless of personal economic standing, never let finances stop you. There may be grant money available to bring more peace into your home.

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