Learn How A Green Home Design Can Help Save You Money!

Some people just don’t feel comfortable veering off the path that’s straight and narrow. They want a home just like everybody else’s. They want something steady, reliable, tried and true.

Other homeowners are a little more adventurous. They have a unique style that they want to broadcast in the house they call home. These people, too, want something steady, reliable, tried and true, but they also want something distinctive and different.

These people choose a home because it works for them, not because everybody else has one just like it. These people don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses. These people ARE the Joneses.

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For these trendsetters, there’s probably no better avenue of expression than green home design. Green homes employ the latest energy-efficient materials, appliances, and construction methods available.

Green home design is often quite pleasing to the eye, too. The natural landscape surrounding the building is often as important to the design as incorporating all the building’s features.

In fact, the natural landscape is so important to green home design that every possible opportunity is taken to glean building materials from the natural environment of the construction site.

When trees have to be removed to allow room for the home, green home design will recycle the wood from those fallen trees and turn them into as much of the building’s construction materials as possible.

The rocks, stones, and pebbles strewn about the property are also likely to become the stonework incorporated into the green home design. They may also become walkways, walls, fences, and irrigation routes around the home.

Because green home design leads to homes that are highly efficient where energy consumption is concerned, the need for big, bulky, and unsightly HVAC units is minimized. Instead, these smaller, quieter units can be blended into the natural look of the land or incorporated pleasingly into the design of the home.

Green home design takes the landscape surrounding the home into mind, too. Trees, shrubbery, and other plants are usually located in a way to block excessive wind flow or block extreme heat from sunlight. These strategically placed plants usually look right at home and effortlessly located when, in fact, they are hard-working elements of the total energy-efficient design of the home.

Cookie cutter neighborhoods, those with miles and miles of homes that look too much alike, are a perfect haven for many people. The rest of us, we Joneses, cherish the one-of-a-kind buildings designed with us specifically, our environment, and a healthy planet in mind.

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